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Hi. I’m Kaire—I want to be your Makawee doula

Makawee is Sioux for mothering, generous, earth maiden. Mother, grandma, older sis, and dear friend— these are the inspirations and care I want to bring and share with you on your birth journey.

Since you are an expectant first time mother or planning to have an additional child, I want to help with your inspiration, caring, sharing through your expectancy, your birthing and the postpartum happiness of having your baby.

Together we’ll work to relax and sooth you during and after the birth of your new baby. With planning, education and caring we can reduce your stress level allowing you truly enjoy your natural birth.

Having a Doula present at birth has proven to reduce the risks of interventions that can lead to complications during your birthing. These services may range from early labor care at your home to massage & pain management techniques and even aromatherapy or medicine ball fun.

For more details of my basic birth doula services and the special options I offer, please look at the Doula Services page.

Your Birth Heaven is my goal

For the past 10 years, this has been my goal— helping mothers expand their birthing heaven. Helping you enjoy the pleasures of motherhood is my sincere wish. There is so much to learn, to experience, to enjoy from conception and birthing to baby caring and baby wearing. In all these magical times, your enjoyment is my priority. 
As a Makawee, I will help you with birth coaching from conception to postpartum and breastfeeding. You will learn good nutrition and we’ll find a care provider or midwife that works with your desires, philosophy and finances. You will learn all the ways your baby will depend on you for their needs and how it will affect their health for the rest of their lives.

Your needs determine my rates

Please give a call or email so we can discuss your needs and desires. Then we can meet, possibly over a cup of tea, to determine how I can be the Makawee doula you are seeking.

Since sharing, support, and caring is one of the most important services I can provide, it’s very important that we meet in person. This can be at your home, in a park, or even at my dear friend’s bed and breakfast in downtown Lebanon— Peggy serves a lovely tea at her Cabbage Patch.

Please call, so we can establish a time to meet to talk details

When you call we can begin to discuss this wonderful time for you and how we can best work together. Of course, after a free meeting or two, when we begin truly planning the details and sign an agreement, I have some basic fees.(Photo: Felix Thiang/iStockphoto)

Normally, you may want one or two pre-birth sessions in your home, This is included in the fee for attending your birth for $450. This prenatal and postpartum support normally lasts a few hours. If you need more time, there is a $15/hour fee. Post-partum work is available at a day rate as well, if you need ongoing care and support after your baby arrives. I will work with your family’s needs to ensure you are well taken care of. When you choose me as your doula, you’ll have free phone consultations, and of course there will be a backup doula in case of emergency.

Please call at 541-570-0444 or email

Let’s bring your new baby into this beautiful land with harmony, happiness, and joy.


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